Here's something I really wanted to talk about. Keep reading!

Before center of my life was God, I was wandering all round to "find myself". I focused on my life as medias taught us to.

I must be real. I spent two to three hours a day reading tabloids and articles about celebrities, about their life, about their clothes, about their relationships, about their problems. I thought if I don't know what's happening in life of Demi Lovato or any other celebrity that I got out of the track. That I am not "in" because I didn't know anything about her private life.

I took Demi Lovato for an example. I don't say anything bad about her. I just put her in my article to witness you how this was big problem for me.

I kinda got lost in all the articles I was reading about celebrities, not only about Demi Lovato, but I started to feel bad because Justin and Selena weren't together. Those are so not important things and yet I cared about them.

And when my life changed, when I turned to God, to Church I realised I didn't give any attention to my life, to my heart, to my soul. I got stuck in plenty of information and in plenty of problems because Zayn Malik left One Direction, because Harry Styles left One Direction... I mean I can talk about it for days.

But, I still didn't understand why did I give so much attention to their life when my life is as much as important as theirs. All lives are important, regardless of am I celebrity, teacher, doctor, mum, daugther, sister, cousin etc.

I want to tell you that time was passing by and instead of building myself for life, for upcoming things, I was thinking will Justin ever be with Selena again. Do I have to talk more about it?

Don't forget to make some time for a Holy Mass, for a prayer! For one day try to skip all articles about things that are not going to build you, that are not going to bring you closer to God. You'll feel free! You will free your mind from dirty things medias are talking about. Go to your room, read Bible, pray, talk with Lord and you will feel beautiful! You'll grow in Truth.

God bless!