Why does everyone think I am just something to play with
How do they not see that I am a person
I have feelings too
I can be hurt

I want to be loved
I do not want to be toyed with
I am not just a distraction
I am human

No one knows the fire behind my eyes
No one sees the tears that fall
No one knows that I hurt
Every day, inside and out

They do not see the pain I hide
All they see is the smiles
All they see is the laughs
The unstoppable queen I pretend to be

And maybe in another life I could be that unstoppable queen
In a life where everything was fair and just
Where the werewolves howl and the fairies fly
In a life where reality is the stories

They don’t see the cracks
They don't hear the screams
They don’t know
And they never will