Love is quite the mysterious thing.
You could ask two different people, and their definition of it will be completely different.
For some people, it's a terrible thing, falling in love. You don't control your own feelings anymore, and this particular person can make your heart race or your cheeks blush with the slightest movement.
The other people see this as an amazing thing, falling in love. They would do anything to make that one person happy. They will see this particular person as the prettiest thing on earth.

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How do you know you're (falling) in love?

There are different symptoms that the most people have when being in love.

  • When talking to them, a funny feeling may appear in your stomach. The feeling that a thousand of butterflies are fluttering around there, giving you a giddy feeling.
  • Your heart will start to beat faster while talking or simply thinking of them.
  • There are occassions you won't be able to sleep, because this person won't get out of your mind. Or simply because timezones exist, and you don't want to go to sleep because you don't wanna say bye.
  • You'll notice that when thinking about your future, this person will most likely be included in it, or be it.
  • As I said before, you'll think of this person as the most fascinating thing in this universe, and are prepared to do anything to make them feel happy and safe.
  • It will hurt you when the person talks bad about themself. You won't understand how someone who means the entire universe to you isn't even a speck of stardust to themself.
  • Of course, there are a lot more symptoms, some less pleasant than others, but one article isn't enough to talk about them all.
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