This is going to be the second article in my favourite songs by artists series. Ariana Grande is going to be the focus on this article.

Background Information

Ariana Grande started out a singing career quite young as she was involved in local theater productions. She also starred in the Nickelodeon show Victorious as Cat Valentine, she then had her own spin off series called Cat and Sam which also starred Jennette McCurdy from iCarly.
She released her first single in 2011 and was called, Put Your Hearts Up. Her second single was released in 2013 and featured her boyfriend Mac Miller, the song was, The Way. It was the first single released from her debut album, Yours Truly. Later that year she also released a Christmas EP. In 2014 she brought out her second album, My Everything which included the hit song, Problem that Iggy Azalea featured on. Her third album, Dangerous Woman, was released in 2015.

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Ariana Grande's Album Covers

My Favourite Songs

  • Dangerous woman
  • Everyday
  • Side to side
  • Into you
  • Problem
  • One last time
  • Why try
  • Best mistake
  • Be my baby
  • Break your heart right back
  • Love me harder
  • My everything
  • Bang bang
  • Honeymoon avenue
  • Tattooed heart
  • Piano
  • Daydreaming
  • The way
  • Almost is never enough
  • Popular song
  • Santa tell me
  • Last Christmas
  • Love is everything
  • Snow in California
  • Santa baby
  • Put your hearts up
  • Pink champagne

Why I Like Ariana Grande

I think Ariana is an amazing person who deserves so much love, i believe that she is a great role model for so many people. I know lots of young girls consider her as an idol and i think they have made a great choice.

I have liked her since her role on Nickelodeon, when i heard she had released music i instantly feel in love with her voice, she is such a gifted woman. The first song i had heard of hers was Put Your Hearts Up, i was 11 when the song was released, from then on i followed her music career. Obviously there are songs that i don’t like or enjoy as much as others. The long list of songs i have mentioned are all songs that i listen too. If i was to explain every song in detail then it would take me forever, but just know that i think that all the songs here are amazing and need to be listened to.

Thank you for reading and i would just like to mention how thankful i am for all the support on my other articles that i have released. My first article has already received 458 likes which is just mind blowing to me. I thought that no one would read or enjoy it and it means so much to me that it has been hearted that many times.
Bye for now x