♥ Please note that most of the ships are our fangirl or fanboy imagination ♥

Ah, once again I'm here to talk about BTS, to be more specific my favorite ship Namjin.

Not only do they look super cute, but also Namjoon is my bias and Jin my bias wrecker.

gif, kim seokjin, and jin image gif, kim seokjin, and jin image

Us, Namjin Shippers, have always the thought that they are secretly married, and it's always fun to share our ideas and fangirling moments isn't that so?

But hey, if Jimin says they look like a married couple, who am I to doubt it?

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Have you heard of the Namjin laugh? It has a mix of cleaning in it.

Like, I laughed way too much when I saw the video you must watch it too.

Namjin Jealous Moment

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I know Jungkook's also knows what's going on here...

Namjin Family

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I'm so done with this fandom, I can't stop laughing!

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Jimin is so cute tho, right?

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Youngest son Maknae Jeon Jungkookie ;)

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Here we have the Kim Traffic Light Edition. Oh god the memes I'm finding while doing this are the best.

Finally, some of the best Namjin Moments ♥

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There's so much more, but if I did keep going on this article would take you 1000 years to read. If they are seriously not married then they have a deep bromance and I think it's so freaking cute!

P.S: If they don't marry each other, I'm single ;)

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Bye Everyone! Until Next Time *-*
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