There's nothing BIG about bigotry, don't be one.

what you've been associated to/with may have given you an identity, a comfort of familiarity, that's why you may even like it. it's all good till here.
but what you are not associated to/with.. what makes you dislike it, what makes you HATE it? just because it's different, just because it's not familiar, just because you don't know it.. how come you start hating it, where does this hatred come from.

Bigotry is NO big, it's petty!

And what is this identity that you associate so strongly to.
because you were born to these two people, who speak this language, practice this religion and live in this country.. this is where all your identity comes from. (all this has occurred to you by mere coincidence) it could have been any two people, in any country, speaking any language and practicing any belief.
but What if..
- they used a contraceptive - you wouldn't have a Life to start off with.
- they abandoned you at birth - you wouldn't have a religion.
- they abandoned you at a refugee camp - you wouldn't have a nationality.
so don't be proud or arrogant of what you have, be thankful for it.
And treat people as outcomes of other coincidences because you are also just one such outcome.