*I do not take credit for this, I copied it from YT comment
Please ARMYs, do NOT ignore new ARMYs who are asking how to stream or other questions, we need to have a great teamwork. During the next comeback also western medias will put a lot of attention since what happened with BBMAs, we need to prove them what we are able to do. To Korean and western medias.

-First at all remember that after a video overcome 301 views, YouTube adopts several rules to prevent any kind of spam. Since BTS MV goes over millions we need to follow some steps to prevent spams
-1 acc=1 view per hour so prepare more accs our stay log out
-Watch the MV from the first to the last second
❌Do NOT skip ads, it's part of the video
❌Do NOT skip parts
❌Do NOT stop the video
❌Do NOT change the speed of the video
❌Do NOT mute the volume
❌Do NOT put on loop, it won't count
❌Do NOT use multiple tabs, it won't work. Use multiple browsers.
Ex. Open a tab with Chrome, one with Firefox, one with Opera etc...
Only multiple browsers, no multiple tabs
⚪The quality must be 480p or more
If you watch one per hour then you need to follow only these steps⬆ But if you want to contribute more than one view per hour, keep following these other steps⬇
⚪Watch another 1-2 MVs (optional) because the gap needs to be 5-10 minutes. You can't watch the same MV again and again.
So you have to watch another 1-2 MVs or go stream on Spotify/Korean music sites like Melon or Naver for 5-10 minutes
(Some ARMYs say 5 minutes and some 10 minutes. To be sure I'll go for 10 minutes. After the MV, go stream once on Spotify and once on Melon/Naver)
⚪Clean YouTube history and log out if you were logged in
⚪Close YouTube
⚪Clear the browser's history
If you're on your mobile and you use the app of YouTube, clear data and caches in your phone settings.

1. Settings
2. Apps
3. YouTube
4. Clean
⚪Reopen YouTube
⚪If you have other accounts you can log in with those accs, if you don't have others, just stay log out
⚫Use playlists ONLY if you're really busy because views from playlist are uploaded much time later
❌Do NOT put in loop, create long playlists instead. You can use mine in my profile

If you search on net you won't find anything but there are several sites that talk about spams, ARMYs just found the way to prevent spams by following these steps⬆