Hello everyone, let’s talk about setting goals by SMART today.

SMART is an abbreviation, giving criteria to guide in the setting goals, for example in personal development and project management.

S - means specific.

To successfully achieve your goals you must exactly know what you want. To set specific goal you can answer five W questions:

• What do you want to achieve?
• Why do you need to achieve it?
• Who is involved in the work?
• Where does the work take place?
• What requirements, conditions and restrictions are put to work?

M - means measurable.

The goal should be tangible, as any work implies a result. Measurability is a system of measures by which the degree of achievement of a goal is determined. If there are no such criteria, then it is impossible either to evaluate the performance of the work, or to control the process itself.

A - means achievable.

To check the cleverness of the task posed, one can answer the question: how should the goal be achieved with consideration of the possibilities?

R - means relevant.

Actuality explains how to achieve the goal as effectively as possible, whether there is room for a positive solution.

T - means time-bound.

Your goal should have time limit. It is one of the most important points, but the hardest to obey. With no time limits you’ll meet procrastination and uncertainty.