Hi hello this is my first article so I decided I'd write about girls,because I love them lots.To anyone that hasn't realized it yet(somehow wtf) just know that girls are the best thing to have happened to this planet,they're a pure form of angelic and every female is the best thing that has happened to at least one person.I don't even know where to start.Girls that like staying at home?amazing.Girls that go out a lot?amazing. Girls that wear no makeup? Sooo beautiful.Girls that wear a lot of makeup?So fricking beautiful.Shy girls? So cute. Outgoing girls?So cute.Girls with acne or freckles?Gorgeous.Girls with clear skin?Gorgeous.Girls who smile a lot?Damn you're so beautiful.Girls with a resting bitch face?So so beautiful.Girls with tattoos or piercings ? sooo beautiful and special!! Skinny girls?Fat girls? thick girls? they're all breathtaking my heart can't handle it 💖💖💖💖Girls that empower other girls?yasss!! ALL GIRLS are a unique form of angelic,sleep girls,athletic girls, smart girls,party girls,soft girls,makeup loving girls, tomboyish girls, outdoors/indoors girls you are all so cute and precious and deserve all the happiness that you keep giving to this world.The way girls hug and smile or when they pass by and you can feel their perfume ,I feel like everywhere I go I'm being surrounded by angels and I don't wanna be saved.Protect girls and treat them right.