Hi Guys,
I'm wirting this letter because i hope someday you will read it. I know it'll be impossible, but i'm still believing in my dreams and not losing hope. Because i know someday it will be real. Someday my dreams will come true. Because you have taught me that i have to believe in them. And never give up on something that could happen. So my dreams is to meet you. The day i meet you will be the best day ever. And I'll be the happiest person in the world. I just wanted to tell you that you are my whole world. Even for you I'm just another Directioner. But although that you are my all, my everything. Every day i cry while i imagine how'd be the life having you near me. How'd feel your hug, your kiss or just your touch. Out there, there are a lot of People like me. Dreaming about you right now. Some others making their Dream real. Or just measuring the distance between them and you. Standing at home. Waiting for you to notice them. Waiting for you to say that your"re coming their country. I'm Feeling so proud of you, guys. You are the only ones that make me smile. Even your"re not here next to me. But, i know someday i'll be next to you. I need you to know that i exist. And that i wish i was with you every second of my life. I need it like i need the air to breathe. I need to tell you how amazing and incredible you are. And that you will always have my support. For everything. And I'll be happy if you are. And sad if you are. My whole life depends of yours. Because you are the lifesaver of lots of People like me. And i'll be there. Because i love you like I've never loved any other person before. You Are My Five Superhumans. And i'm so grateful because of all that you have done for us. For your girls. For your Directioners.
Lots of love,
just another Directioner.

By: Mayra Cerezo