Tousled hair, airbrushed skin, long lashes—all features that come to mind when we picture the modern French woman. What is it about a French woman’s certain je ne sais quoi that makes her beauty seem so effortless, yet completely refined?

Rule #1: Never Limit Yourself To The Obvious

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Never splash water on your face. Use micellar water instead.

Rule #2: Focus On One Feature

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Be a makeup minimalist. Choose one feature to emphasize, and keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. For example, highlight your eyes with a sweep of eyeliner and mascara, but keep your skin and lips bare. I also think there’s something very seductive about a woman with bare skin, a hint of mascara, and a bold lip color. It shows that you are comfortable in your own skin.

Rule #3: Wear Your Perfume Like You Wear Your Lingerie

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“Each morning, I choose my perfume much like I do my lingerie, based on what I’m doing that day, what I’m wearing, my mood, and the season. Spritz it on before getting dressed and you’ll have a soft halo of fragrance that makes a subtle, sensual statement.”-Adrienne Coléon Gaskell of Oh So French

Rule #4: Don’t Touch Your Face

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Don't touch your face, and wash you hands every time you can! Your hands get dirty really quickly, as you're holding yourself in the subway and things like that.

Rule #5: Don’t Be Afraid To Go To Extremes

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“My beauty secret is to always moisturize my skin properly and avoid exposing it the sun. I always put a SPF 50+ sunblock on and wear a hat, or bring an umbrella with me—it may be quite extreme, but I think it's the best way for my skin to stay healthier and younger. ”-Tokyobanhbao of The World Of Tokyobanhbao

Rule #6: Find Your Beauty Staples—And Stick With Them

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“I use Avène Cleansing Gel ($23) every morning and night to keep my complexion clear. Avène is a French beauty staple—and the one I only really discovered when I moved to Paris! It’s truly an amazing brand!” -Audrey Rogers of Be Frassy

Rule #7: Spend Time Away From Your Hairbrush

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“I brush my hair before I shampoo, let it dry naturally, and never use a brush until the next shampoo. It gives a very natural wavy movement.” - Aurélia of Absolutely Glamorous

Rule #8: Always Find A Balance

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“During summer, all the fun goes on my toes! As my pedicures get more colorful, my manicures remain very neutral. It’s a balance!” -Aurélia of Absolutely Glamorous

Rule #9: Find Multiple Ways To Use Your Favorite Product

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“My favorite product is argan oil. I brought it from Morocco and I regularly apply it on the lengths of my hair, several hours before I shampoo. In winter, when I have dry skin, I also like to mix it with my face cream or apply it on my feet and wear a pair of socks at night. It moisturizes so well!” -Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui of Le Revue De Kenza

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