Fall is near, so let's start!

We all know it's the perfect time to start wearing long sleeves, but even so, you can wear shorts with a jacket and you'll be perfectly fine.

So let's see the perfect sets for this fall 2017

  • By lydiaclayton22 at Polyvore.com
Image by ChocoMint

The denim skirt and the black sweater toghether I think are great, and the shoes are very fashionable.
For an autumn day in which the sun rises but still is a little cold, it is perfect.

Set 2:

  • By Foundlostme at Polyvore.com
Image by ChocoMint

This set has pretty neutral and muted colors, but for me it seems perfect to go to college on a cloudy day

Set 3:

  • By Littlehjewelry
Image by ChocoMint

I love this set because it has a long skirt and although I do not really like pink, I think this person has thought very well all the elements of the set.

So this is what I have for you today, but I hope you like the looks, and I'm open to hear your opinions and to see what else you want me to talk about.

See you next time!

Be happy