Hi guys! Welcome to my article. These are just some of my goals in life that some day I will hopefully achieve. ★

Number 1

Visit New York.

city, new york, and square image
Times Square

Number 2

Visit Iceland.

Image by ღ 𝓘𝓴𝓻𝓪𝓶 ღ
Blue Lagoon, Reykjanes

Number 3

See the walk of fame.

Beverly Hills, destination, and Walk of Fame image
Walk of fame, Hollywood

Number 4

Go to Paris and see The Eiffel Tower.

france and paris image
The Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

Number 5

Ride in a hot air balloon.

hot air balloon image

Number 6

Move to Los Angeles.

california, celebrity, and entertainment image
Hollywood sign, Los Angeles

Number 7

Go skiing.

adventure, radical, and ski image

Number 8

Get married.

christmas, fashion, and girl image


Fear doesn't shut you down it wakes you up.
— Divergent

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