There are so many things I want to tell you. So many things I long to say. Like how I still don't know why you and I met at this point in time where everything's going too fast and not fast enough, but I'd still rather have you temporarily and incompletely than not have you at all.

I want to tell you about how you're the first person to ever make me feel this happy. You're the person who remimded me I had the heart of a romantic and the soul of a dreamer. I want to thank you for putting together the pieces of me I believe I couldn't glue back, for making everything a little brighter with your smiles and chuckles and your happiness.

I want to tell you I still think of you, even after you're gone. When you left, it was as if you took all the air with you. My eyes watered, my lungs struggled to breathe, my mind struggled to convince my heart to face the reality that you were never really mine to keep. I've been lonely before. I knew how to handle it. But for months, you've taken that burden away from me, and I discovered how freeing it was to not be alone. Now that you're gone, the burden feels twice as heavy, and I've forgetten how to carry it on my own without breaking apart.

I want to tell you it wasn't my choice to fall in love with you. To fall for your starlight eyes and sincere smiles, for that gentle kindness you possess despite knowing how cruel people can be, for your sarcasm and your intelligence and your dorkiness. For the way you make things marginally better just by being there.

But I also want you to know that I chose to stay, despite knowing it'll hurt in the end. I chose to smile back at you whenever you glanced at me, I chose to keep looking over my shoulders in hope that I could get one last glimpse of you. I chose to be there, loving you, because I believed you were worth it. I still believe you're worth it all.

There are things I regret never doing, choices I regret not taking. One of them was never having enough courage to tell you all these things. So if given a chance to do it all over again, darling, believe me. The first thing I'll be doing is to hold your hands, look into your eyes and tell you, "It will be you forever."