I'm reminiscing, would you care to join me?

It seems like only yesterday I was sat up in my Care Bear (just to mention that CareBears are for life people) jammies slurping my Cocopops ready to feast my eyes on Dr. Terrors Vault Of Horrors! (aka Dr. Walpurgis)
The witty horror host made it a great start to the weekend and definitely worth the watch as a child infatuated by horror films.

You see It has suddenly dawned on me that I am turning 30. At first I was unsure how to feel about it but looking back at all the fun memories, I am very privileged to say that I had a lovely childhood.

Dare I say that having an older Brother made me a certain type of cool. I used to steal his beaten up old leather jackets, bomber jackets and dirty denims. That was some look on a girl! Add a chupa chup, tartan skirt and worn boots to a mischievous innocence and it looks pretty badass.
I only wish I could still pull that off now.

Man, I was happy! I didn't ever think about the future. Does any child?
What kind of person was I to become? Would my interests and hobbies stick? I didn't wonder too hard I just grew.

I can proudly say that I am mostly the same Moonchild girl who is still enthralled with horror, LOVES animals and CareBears (sometimes her Brother when he isnt too good at Adulting and joins me in my nostalgic bubble.) So I guess I'm doing alright.

If anyone read this random Pre - Birthday entry then thanks for listening. I do like me a blog so expect some more.

Be Excellent to Each Other (My head is full of ALL movie quotes btw not just horror) ;) x