She was afraid for far too long. Afraid to go after what her heart desires.

She felt that burning fire inside of her but tried to tame it, to keep it at bay.

Living in an average world she felt the days passing by and everything stayed the same. She felt like an outsider because she didn't belong there, she could do better than that and she knew it, she was just afraid, at the end of the day she is just one of us.

But one day that fire became bigger, her soul screamed for her true calling and that was the day when everything changed. She packed her bags and left her past behind.

With determination in her eyes, believe in her heart and a little bit of confidence she choose herself.
Maybe is selfish, maybe not but we owe to ourselves to make our dreams come true. It doesn't matter what the others says, you make you and that is enough.

Stay silent and listen closely at what your soul says. Choose to be happy. Choose you.

At the end of the day you're the only person who lives with yourself for the rest of your life.