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The beautiful and romantic Marie of Romania always wanted a quite place of her own away from the royal court protocol and strictness and formality of King Carol I, nicknamed "der onkel".In 1897, the childhood dream of the young princess, that of having a house built in trees, would become a reality.

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Despite the fears of architect Karel Líman, the cottage was built at a height of five meters and proved to be resilient until after the First World War when, unfortunately, it was destroyed by a strong storm.

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In fact, Queen Marie has detailed in her autobiography "The Story of My Life" the development of this project from her youth: "My love for original inventions and the childish dream that I kept in my being pushed me to build a small and funny hut, up in the foliage of trees.This funny idea delights Lecomte du Nouÿ, Uncle's architect, so he drew me a lovely and original little house that had to be propped up in the air between some giant fir trees.Anyone can imagine the charm of this fairy tale house had for my children. "

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The cottage was names "The Princess' nest" or "Juniperus" and had three small chambers decorated by Princess Marie herself.The Lovely Missy received her own guests here, among the favorites being Waldorf and Pauline Astor. In their company, Princess Maria has immortalized some moments in the Juniperus.

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"So, my humble "Juniperus" - so I named my nest - opened wide its doors for all sorts of people, my beloved corner of loneliness was overwhelmed by important gentlemen, sometimes heavy and dull and totally incongruous with the absurd charm of the place. I had a register in which the visitors wrote, and on his sheets I painted the wild flowers of Sinaia. This proves the number and importance of the people received from Ferdinand of Bulgaria to the most humble second lieutenants, received in the hours when the big people of the day would have done better than letting them gently swayed on top of my trees."

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Shortly after The Great War, "Juniperus" was hit by a strong storm. "And I, not having the youth and fire of the princess whose education had taken der Onkel, I did not build it the second time. Tout Passe ... ", wrote about the end of the tree house, Romania's beloved sovereign.