So let's get real . We all like our bad side , you can be an angel but still doing bad things is fun is mysterious . Being mysterious is going to get you chased is going to make you interesting by boys or girls . So you may be a little confused . So imma be real with you beauty is a kinda big on seducing but how you act is the most interesting part and the most important part . This apply for seducing a women and a men . First of all don't change yourself about him . Don't say you like the same music as him ,if you don't cause bitch he is going to find out and is going to be akwardd. So without being sad make a imperfect perfect person for him . Be there for him act like you understand him and his problem . This may look dumb but think about it even you want a person who let's you talk about yourself and understand you . He is going to be addicted to you like you were a drug and when you start drifting apart from you he is going to come chasing after you . Make this persona who is mysterious , who is broken and has a lot of secrets . This may look lame but a guy would love to make a girl change for him it would make him thinking he is powerful and then you start opening up and then stop he will start thinking what he did wrong and go after your ass . That's it . Yeah it is not much but think if you find a person who understantds you make you feel like you aren't alone , makes you number one , makes you addicted them and is this complicated person like puzzle BITCH believe in me you would fall in love . XOXO