At first - foregive me my english.

Everyday I watching the pictures of Barcelona, Paris, London and other popular cities, which is attractive for tourists.
Sometimes, we're looking for nice place, with beautiful architecture, great history, awesome museums. For place where is safe, and where we can go where we want to.
In 90% this synopis fit to Warsaw - the capital of Poland - perfectly.

AT FIRST - Poland is the safest country in Europe. We're the green island on the terrorist attack map. Our capital is one of the biggest cities on this continent, but nobody care about us :)

SECONDLY - We have a GREAT history!
The WWII, kings, slavic tradition, catholicism, policy, art, architecture. I learning extended history of Poland to my Mature Exam and you know what? It's imposible to know all of this.

THIRDLY - Warsaw is a beautiful City. It was destroyed totally at WWII - check this on unckle google - but we REBUILD it. In good, old style.

What can shock you?

That we're really friendly.

I like jokes about stereotypes, but at fact we don't drink a lot at white day, we don't parrots who says just "k*rrrwa", we are NOT a thieves! The truth is that we're really cautions with alcohole, we have hard heads - that's why we drink more than other countries (maybe excluding Russia, but in my opinion we drink same).
We're pride when tourist comes to our country and admire its beauty!
I working at Palace of Culture and Sciense and always asking about impressions. I never heared bad word about Poland.

That we looks like "Don't talk to me", but if you'll try to say something in our language like "proszę" (please), "dziękuję" (thank you) or "dzień dobry" (hello) we'll start smiling and be like "OOOH first time in Poland? How you enjoyed it?"
We're REALLY try to speak in english, but our accent makes it difficult!

That we're really cheap country, venti coffe in Starbucks cost here like tall.

Our food are DELICIOUS. Did you ever tried pierogi?!

We have everything in country size of New Mexico! Mountains, lakes, sea! EVERYTHING! Even dessert :D

I'm not the best at writing articles, but look! HERE IS THE FEW REASON TO VISIT POLAND! So c'mon, visit us!

You'll not be disappointed :)