"When we first met, you would drive me crazy. You were always around and you always had to put in your two cents. You would tease me about the girls I was hooking up with and you’d call me an idiot because I was an idiot sometimes. I’m still an idiot. But then it happened so often that I expected you to be there. And when you weren’t - I missed you. When I saw you again, I realized I didn’t ever want to miss you again.

I just want you around. All the time. I want to hear your annoyingly enticing voice and see your goofy gorgeous smile. I want you to be around because when you weren’t there I felt an emptiness inside of me where you belonged. I don’t want to feel that again.

I ended up falling for you because we knew how to get on each others nerves but then we realized we liked that about each other. You always challenge me. Especially when I’m being an idiot. It bothered me before but I needed that. I still do. I think I always will.

Because I need you - I love you."