Hi everyone! I want to share some thoughts with all of you. This year has been very difficult to me. It made me realize that life was too short.

This morning, i remembered something that i wanted to share with you. Maybe it will help some of you... or not but anyway, try to be nice with me ( it's my first article and french is my mother language so excuse me;) ) Well, let's begin.

Someone once asked me this thing : "What are you afraid of?"
Easy question, easy answer right? You can be afraid of many things such as spiders, mice, snakes, dogs, cats, death ... I don't really like snakes or spiders and i'm not afraid to die because it's how it is.
No, i'm not afraid of all these things.

I took a few minutes before answering (it was kind of hard to admit it)
"I'm afraid to fail" Every kind of failure actually... I'm afraid to fail in my professional and in my personal life and i really don't know how to erase that fear that can litterally paralize me."

That guy looked at me and said : "Well here is my advice for you: don't let your fears guide you because if you do , you'll regret it. You'll regret everything, every chance you didn't take, every things you didn't do. Become the actor of your life, write your own story. You will fail sometimes but there's no big deal. It's human."

You know what guys? He was right. I found it inspiring. I know that it is difficult to brave your fears but trust me, it will be easier.

What i'm trying to say is : Live. Be brave. Don't be afraid anymore, try to fight your fears. Love, smile, laugh, run, travel. As often as you can. 'Cause we don't know how tomorrow is going to be. No regrets only memories.

And please never forget the most important : believe in you. Always and (almost -well yeah unfortunately we're not superheroes ;) ) everything will be possible if you continue to believe in you. Become your own hero.

Thank you for reading me