Cause after all, the most beautiful thing on Earth is that people are different. Therefore, each love is unique, yet mostly the time and way - how they two fell in love with a scent, a look, a smile, a kiss.. All different but one: the start. They can start something growing inside us.

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Yet, how do you know you truly fell in love? There’s that point when you can’t get him out of your head.
When you muse, and you feel him gently biting your lips or see him staring in your eyes for minutes.
You feel the way he touched your skin, how his fingertips burnt your body even if it was weeks ago.
Or he is the one, who can make you laugh when you’re not even in the mood to smile.
Or you feel pressure on your chest when something is wrong between the two of you. When you feel like drowning if you are separated.
Or you are afraid that you will not see him ever again.

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There are several signs that can determine the next steps in your life. Love is the most honest thing, be brave enough to express your feelings.

P.S : Promise me, you will.