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Often we ask ourselves: 'Am I good enough? Am I pretty? Why am I not this beautiful?'

Nowadays it is unbelievably difficult to be happy with yourself since social media influences our lives.
It is that you always see skinny girls without any flaws. They are tall, slender and well-toned.
Moreover, they experience things many of us just desire. For most of us they have become idols.
In this article I want to clear the air why it is essential to be appreciative with yourself!

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My personal advice

Honestly, I understand how depressive it can be. It is not that you will wake up and be like:' Damn I loooovee myself!'
In other words it is a gradually process. It took years for me and almost my life. As a result I know the score.
Here are some tips which helped me.

  • Stop comparing yourself!
  • Once you wake up say: 'I am valuable. I am strong and beautiful.'
  • Fake it till you make it!
  • Be kind!
  • Eat healthy!
  • Unfollow people who make you feel miserable.
  • Be with people who give you positive energy!
  • Only wear clothing you are comfortable with.
  • Don't care about anyone's opinion!!!

These are a few which improved my self esteem.
Our DNS is so complex hence we are unique. You cannot look like your favourite Victoria's secret model. However, you can be you and that is your power!!! I think we don't cherish ourselves enough. Instead you can motivate yourself every morning. I know there are days of self-doubt but don't show it. Seriously, this changes so much. That doesn't mean arrogance. If you are truly nice, you will feel so much better. Eating healthy changed myself. Keep in mind you are what you eat.

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In addition, spend your time with people inspiring you positively. Cut out toxic people from your life. Having worn my favourite outfits just accomplished it.
Lastly, many of my friends worry about opinions. But it is so useless since everyone of us is coping with something. Nobody is staring at you on the street. People are just thinking about their problems. You don't have to feel observed! It just occurs in your mind.

To sum up, you are given solely one life. Enjoy it! I strongly believe in you. I always say life is too short to be sad.
Furthermore, beauty is not all about physical appearance. Your kindness will shine out of you and make the world a little more bearable. ;)

Now the ball is in your court! You live once. I mean... start living now!

Thank you for reading my article! Xx
-Anna M.

If you need advice, message me. I want to help my followers! <3