"Summer is my favourite season" he said, "and when I look at you it's like you're my sun. But there's a difference. You never blind me."

She looked at him, holding onto his hand like he was about to slip away.
"Please don't say things like that. You're making it sound like I'm perfect."

"But you are! How can't you see? You're so innocent, I can see your whole story when I look into your eyes - even your flaws are beautiful. You're kind, and you're so loving. So much unlike me."

His smile has faded. He looked so serious now, and there was something else in his eyes: he was damaged. He had been for so long.
"You're summer, and I love summer. So please, no matter what I do, don't give up on me, because without you, I'm stuck in winter. And I can't be stuck in winter forever. Not again."