August 25, 2017

Marriage, the history overflows with it always being a women marrying a man, same with fairytales and Disney movies... Though I am not gay, I strongly support the gay community as they are still human beings. These days where I am from they are considering (around the 10% out of the 100%) to allow gay marriage.

Marriage shouldn't be between just a man or a women it should be between love and love (-Frank Ocean). What's so wrong about not letting a couple be together, forever? It's just a wedding not a gay wedding, a wedding. People need to think before themselves, yes God may forbid this happening but He is here to support us and most importantly to love us. God will always find His way to accept people for who they are but can you?

Having love is a fantastic thing to have, whether it be towards the same gender or the opposite, it doesn't matter. Genders should totally not exist. They are just labels to identify what/which category we fall under. If the heads of your country don't allow gay marriage.. pff why is that so? It's just another wedding on another day as normal as you are but yet your giving labels and they are wearing with pride whilst you put them down because they can't marry their love of their lives..

Next time when you see people with the people they love, just remember they are happy and so should you.