Hey my cuties. ^^
I have been posting a lot of workout, diet and body stuff.
There is one Thing I wanted to talk about for quiet a long time. I am sure many of you know those 100kcal / 300kcal / etc - Workouts.
Those are more fake than helpful. The Workout you can see in this article doesn't burn 100kcal at all. I have done a lot of Research, but this doesn't even burn 50 kcal. I took all of my numbers (weight, hight etc.) and I have a BMI of 20,1 which is totally normal.
Please don't focus on the calories. Just on the fact, that you have done sth. :3
Pro Ana is búllshit anyway! Who want's to get an eating disorder just for fun or loosing weight? That is just disgusting.

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Love your awesome body! <3
Love you.

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