DISCLAIMER: These we hearters are those who have inspired ME. I know although that there are even more of these people to discover and if you know we heaters that would inspire me or that have inspired you, send me a postcard so I can check them out too

My favourite we hearters

I firstly started WHI in the early 2014 I believe, with barely 15 followers, not posting anything. I might not have been the most popular person here, but I am grateful for my 428 followers. Here are those who inspired me to have this kind of theme and collection.

Yasmin, is a user that I discovered while reading the article of another inspirational we hearter. Her feed is absolutely amazing and her colour scheme which is based on orange is really satisfying to the eye.

Sabine, I discovered her over a year ago, and even if she doesn't have a specific "feed" or colours or even a common filter between her images but she has achieved to earn herself a great deal of followers. She posts every day so her followers are always satisfied by her.

To be pretty honest, I don't know her name in real life, but it doesn't matter.. She is really kind, I have messaged her by postcard and she has a nice profile. She changes themes so there is nothing boring in her profile and she will please most of her followers at least with one feed. she also really likes music and to whoever likes music, she wrote an article about what she listened to this week.

A user with a very aesthetically pleasing account. She posts images with a colour scheme based on pale pink, white and others. (Tbh I adore this theme)

Vogue, (as in her nickname) posts similar pictures as @lushaze but a bit less edited. She knows what chic means and this is visible on her canvas.

these are not the only users I have loved, all of those that I follow have put a lot of effort into their accounts and should be checked out too. Unfortunately, I can't mention everyone so I have put the ones who have made an impression to me

Tell me if you checked any of these accounts out, and if they've inspired you!

xo, alceste