(This is an older article but thank you to everyone that's been reading it and giving it attention!) Hello everyone!! Hm where do I start? Well I just wanted all of you to know, to the ones who do follow me or don't but still support me anyways; thank you for that by the way. That I just made my BTS board like 2/3 days ago and it is already the highest growing board I ever made. In which I mean in followers and in hearts on the pictures. As you can see I've been posting a lot on there and you guys have been just heart-ing away and blowing up my notifications. Which I don't mind at all, again thank you guys for liking what I post. It amazes me how much of an impact BTS has had on so many people, and I actually have been starting to understand as well. Always right on the ball when I make a new board, I love it, and I love you all, again thank you to all that have been supporting me since the beginning of my account up until now. If you're new or not, I still appreciate you! I really do try to make this account enjoyable and to keep it updated as much as possible, and also to try to keep it nice for everyone. I put a lot of time into it. I still have a lot more work to do on the BTS board, trying to get it all organized for you guys as well. Take care and look forward to seeing even more of these 7 beautiful boys on your feed soon!! (((: