Hello, my name is Liz and this is my very first article,and i choose EXO as my first topic as well, first of all i wanna thank "We heart it" for this great opportunity to connect with people around the world in a very different and much better way. (english is not my first language sorry if there's any mistake)

I want to share a few thoughts with all EXO-L, we know things have never been easy for this group and the fandom, since the very begining, remember when EXO was called "SM Entertainment's worst mistake"? nobody really trusted in this project, but they proved their value and were able to make it to the top. Right after that, the darkest moment for EXO, when we had to see practically the entire China line leave, our hearts (and EXO's hearts) were broken but then again the boys came back stronger than ever.

As fandom we've been trough a lot, departures, scandals, injuries, the industry is more and more competitive (wich i guess is good for K pop)

This is a very important and crucial moment for EXO in wich they need their "aeris" more than ever, we need to stick together, now that we have accomplished so many things and records, we need to give our boys the strenght to keep making history, (ok, maybe i'm being a little bit cheesy, sorry lol) but you guys know how difficult things are right now.

Please keep supporting EXO in every way you can, we don't have much time left until the military service comes for Minseok and then the rest of the boys.

I truly believe we have the most beautiful and powerful "Kpop family" don't stop voting, and supporting, please respect other fandoms and idols, don't enter in fanwars REMEMBER OUR MAIN GOAL: Keep EXO at the top, but let's be humble in the process.

I'm not sure of how this works, probably nobody will see this, but if one fan reads it and gets motivated,then i'm gonna be happy.

We are one