hey everyone! my name is sarah, i'm eighteen years old, and my life is currently falling apart.

anyways, i thought i'd just write a little bit about myself.
i love to read and write, and i love to sing. i hope to sing my own tunes in front of crowds one day. in my spare time, i usually read books or write a little bit of poetry. i also love to waste my time away in cafe's. oh and i smoke although i wish i didn't.

i don't really have an incredibly interesting life, so i'm not sure what else to say. but if anyone's looking for a new friend, feel free to send me a message on any of my socials below! i'd love to meet you all :~)

my socials:
snapchat: indiesarah
instagram: thesarahelisabeth
tumblr: thecityofdreaming
pinterest: faerietea
polyvore: indiesarah