hey lovelys, this article is about all of my favourite tv shows and why i recommend you to watch them, there is a few so go grab so popcorn and prepare to read a long list of shows and be ready to want to binge watch some:

1. pretty little liars - this show is all about 4 girls who after they best-friend went missing they are cyber-stalked and texted by an aynonmous sender. they all deal with your normal teen drama, so just sit back and be ready to always be on the edge of your seat.
2. the vampire diaries - one human girl, two vampire brothers, what could happen in the small town of mystic falls. there is plently of romance, drama, supernatural to keep your on your toes.
3. supernatural - two brothers, hunting and killing demons, trying to find and deal with their own drama, until death and demon blood, comes knocking on their door!
4. gossip girl - this show revolves around the scandalous lives of the teens of wealthy, upper-east side people of new york. you know you love me, gossip girl xoxo
5. gilmore girls - this is show tells a story about a mother and a daughter and their relationship of love, and unbreakable trust and value for each other.
6. friends - ughh, what can i say, so no one told you life was gonna be this way.... sorry i had too, this is a show about a group of friends who meet and hang out at a cafe and share their everyday lives with each other, they have all been through thick and thin.
7. teen wolf - this is a show about a boy who gets bitten by a wolf, and then has to live throught the struggles of being both a teenager and a werewolf, until he forms his pack, and fight the odds of other supernatural realms.
8. riverdale - someone is murdered by someone who you would least expect and the teens in riverdale are inquistive into finding who killed who and why they did so, but not with a little romance and teen drama.
9. glee - they sing in a group, this show is about the glee club at your average american high school, and the teen drama that follows
10. one tree hill - this show is about two brothers, who live in denial, they dispise each other, always trying to prove themselves to each other and the only thing they share, their father. this a your classic teen drama, in a high school, with girls and boys and school.
11. how to get away with murder - this is show is about a defence lawyer who while teacher her criminal law class at middleton univerisity finds her annalise 5 and they work on cases with her, but when they do something distraous she has to help them through it, but after all in her class has been teaching them how to get away with murder!
12. jane the virgin - ohh, jane so innocent until she was with child and then well i'll let you guess there was a lot of drama and problems that followed, jane deals with love for 2, her baby and her writing.
13. scream - lakewood is not your normal town, actually is home to many serial killers, who well you wouldn't suspect, no one is safe and the teens of lakewood high are the most scared but wound up in the mix of it.
14. skam - it is norweigan teen drama, about a school with boys and girls, romance and hell of a lot drama with inner circle friend groups and outer circle friends and the true stories of high school students.
15. stranger things - when a young boy goes missing, they all search and search but find no end, until a girl shows with powers of mind control. the boy has friends who are worried and scard that their friend will never return until their game the play becomes reality.
16. shadow-hunters - when a young girl loses her mother to nothing but mundane, she finds something out she never though was possible, but are the legends were true, there were demons, werewolves, vampires and hella hot shadow-hunters!
17. chicago fire - is a show about chicago fire department's finest, follow the lives of the paramedics, squad and truck. and all the drama about diving feet first into a fire to save the lives of fellow citizens.
18. chicago pd - following the chicago fire francise, chicago pd is about the intelligence unit under command of sergent hank voight and the lives of the detectives, solving the mysterous cases of murder, abuse and missing people.
19. chicago justice - following the onechicago francise, chicago justice is about the states attorneys office under peter stone as lead lawyer and putting the victims away of the mysterous cases of murder, abuse, missing people and arson.
20. chicago med - following the onechicago francise, chicago med is about the lives of the doctors, surgeons and nurses at the gaffeney chicago medical centre and the emergency department.
21. greys anatomy - follow the lives 5 interns and seattle grace hospital and their journey of romance and as they find their niche in all the different departments.
22. the 100 - when 100 delinquents are dropped onto the affected earth to see if it is liveable again, their is a little game of survial of the fittest, and the divide and conquer.
23. degrassi - next class - this show is about the teens of degrassi community high and their lives and journey through discovering themselves and who they truely are, while they deal with all the drama of being teens.
24. american horror story - as in the title is a horror show, about different periods in time of fighting all odds; we survived the murder house, we escaped the asylum, we protected the coven, we attended the freak show, we checked in at the hotel, we killed at roanoke, and we will join the cult.

i hope you enjoyed my article about the tv shows i love and make sure to follow me, so you see the rest of my articles, as i will be posting one every week!! ♡♡