The door slammed behind her, enclosing the room in complete darkness. A voice behind her caused her to jump and her heart race. A flicker of a candle behind aria gave the silhouette of a body, a body that wasn’t hers. Aria now knew that she wasn’t alone, a hand grabbed her arm causing Aria to scream “Aria calm down, it’s just me, Chris!” “You scared me!” Chris pulled her into his arms, “I’m sorry for scaring you I just wanted to do something for our anniversary”. Chris reached out and flicked on the light, Aria looked around the room, in the middle of the room was a table with unlit candles, rose petals and a gorgeous cooked dinner. “Oh Chris, it’s gorgeous”. Aria went on her toes to kiss him before taking a seat.

After they had finished their romantic dinner, they both went outside, to see a table with two fortune cookies sitting there. Chris said to Aria “Lets open them on three, 1, 2, 3”. And when Aria opened the fortune cookie, she was shocked to see an engagement ring inside, her heart nearly exploded with the true love she felt for Chris. Chris knelt down on one knee and said “will you marry me”. “Yes” Aria squealed.

Aria got a phone call from her mum saying that she needed to come home because her sister-in-law was getting married. Chris said to aria “Let me come with you so we can tell your mum and dad that we are engaged”. Aria was really nervous to tell her parents, she wasn’t sure what they’d think. Especially because they’d just graduated from Rosewood, their high school. They had just arrived at Aria’s sister-in-law’s wedding.

The wedding was amazing, Mia looked gorgeous and Sam looked like the happiest groom in the world. Aria had spotted her parents, and grabbed her mum’s hand and pulled her aside and said “Mum we need to talk”. “After the wedding honey, we’ll talk then”. “But I really need to talk to you now” Aria said to her mum.

The wedding had ended in a blink of an eye. It was time for Aria to talk to her mum. Aria was really nervous “What did you want to talk about, honey”? Aria’s mum had asked. Just when Aria was going to tell her mum, Chris had interrupted her and said that he wanted to talk to her. Aria thanks Chris for saving her. Aria said to Chris “I’m not ready to tell anyone yet”. Chris said to Aria “Why don’t we go home and get some sleep because you look very tired. See you in the morning, love you” “love you too”.

Arias alarm clock was set for 8:30am but somehow it went off at 9:30am. Chris had walked into the room with a tray of her favourite food. Aria asked Chris why her alarm clock went off at 9:30am instead of 8:30am. Chris had put down the tray of food on Aria’s dressing table and told her that he had changed it to 9:30am so that she could sleep in because she had a really long day yesterday. Aria said “I could get used to this”. Then Aria realized that it was time to tell her parents that they are getting married.

After Aria and Chris told her parents, Aria’s parents threw an engagement party for them. The wedding date that Aria’s parents set for her and Chris is on the 26th of September and after the wedding was over Aria and Chris had found out that her other sister (Ali) Allison is on the 29th of September and Allison had sent out all the invitations to her wedding to all her friends and she also sent one to Aria and Chris.
Aria and Chris were so happy to be invited to Allison’s wedding and Aria and Chris were happy to see Allison in her wedding dress and the wedding cake that Allison’s friend’s sister made was a mud cake with chocolate icing and on top of the cake there were also roses that looked really pretty and it reminded Aria when she went on her first date with Chris.

The wedding went until midnight but some of Allison’s friends left early. But Aria and Chris stayed to celebrate Allison’s and Josh’s wedding. When aria and Chris arrived home, there was a present on the table that said “congratulations on your marriage” but there was no name on the card which was unusual. Aria had fallen asleep in Chris’ arm and Chris kissed her on the head and went to her to bed when she woke up to somebody knocking on the door.