During my youth I was distant and not the average person. The guy who was my opposite (confident, aggressive, cheeky) took me on as a friend in my early teens. He and his older brother had some law problems. Brother went into the military and his parents (whose health had been impacted) asked him to take me on as a friend, as penance, and because they knew I was harmless. He naturally introduced me to alcohol. I would very likely have been a drinker (but later) Among us, I was the only one who could get served alcohol. I would have been better off without it.
Mum (mine) was great and dad (unfortunately had got into the habit of completely letting himself go wallowing in anger, negativity & controlling behaviour ) He would not put a rein on this performance at home. When this mixed with me (not the average person) I was unable to achieve much.
I have made it to today fueled by a blind passion, with a hand up from my siblings/family. With everything I have experienced (some exerts read like a movie/documentary) I am still the same core person.
Naturally I own the wrong decisions I have made of which there are many. I don't know why. But I remember before I make any future decisions. I have learnt from my experiences.