bookstore homebody: a sulli drabble
genre: bookstore!au, drabbles, k-pop drabbles
main characters: you (reader/OC), sulli (choi jinri)
author's note: this is gender neutral! tell me what you think about this, and let me know if you'd like to see another part to this!

it was simply a normal day for yourself, a typical eighteen year old. you had always passed by a local small bookstore and found yourself familiar with some of the bookstore's local visitors. you could easily recognize them by their faces, their eyes, and their body line. it was rare for you to ever pop up in the store and say "hello," or just chit-chat with some of your peers.

that is, until she came along.

one day, you had been walking to the park when you had once again took a look to the windows of the bookstore, and through them you saw a young lady. one that you were very unfamiliar with. she had big eyes, but could make an eye smile that could kill, her smile was bright as the sun. you had been so interested in the fact of how stunning this mysterious figure was, you walked into the store.

you were once again taking in the sweet smell of a cinnamon latté that had fragranced the whole shop, with a dash of something that similar of a croissant. you looked around to see the girl, who had unexpectedly made eye contact with you as well. too shy to say anything, she looked away but with a very small smirk at the corner of her lips.

you had the utmost courage to walk up to her and even say: "hey." yes, it had been true that you were one to be very sly, but that was smooth...or...was it really?

she shyly replied, "hey. sorry for being so weird, i'm normally like that." finally someone you felt you could relate to.

"don't worry, i'm the same way. my name's (Y/N)." you replied, flashing a small smile to the latter.

"hi, i'm jinri! my friends call me by sulli, though." jinri, or so to speak, "sulli," had replied, flashing an eye smile to you.

'it's nice to meet you, sulli. hey, i have to go, but can we talk later?" you said, giving her a piece of paper that had your number on it. it was very straightforward of you to do so, but you went along with your intuition.

"sure, i'd like that, (Y/N)." sulli replied, with a little pep in her tone.

after exchanging phone numbers, sulli walked out of the store, waving at you once again before making her way to her destination. you had waved back at her that moment, knowing that this meeting signaled a new friendly relationship between you and sulli.