She wondered if this is how he felt, when he found her note by the pillow, the morning that she left him. Slowly, she ran her fingertips over her name, and hesitantly, unfolded the paper as feelings of guilt persuaded her to read the letter. Inside was written in Lifprasira, his language, a language now long forgotten...

Bethany, the light that you shine
-guided my light to you.
My flame became one with yours …eternal.
But now, your light is drifting from view,
-I find myself slowly fading into nothingness.
I watched you falling, your hands reached out,
-beyond my grasp.
But know, I was with you in that void,
-seeking you, as you were seeking me.
The nadir of nothingness is where the heart goes to die,
-and the light that once shone so brightly, fades.
I am lost in the falling,
-from which I see no recovery.
I seek your brightness still…
Never let your light fade.
Your dying flame,
Anathon x

Bea held the letter to her chest and permitted herself to crumble… one last time.

(Excerpt - 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers' Novel)