I'm a nineteen year old computer science female student, and I'm the only girl in several of my classes. I started a year ago and I had no idea there would be such few girls, because it just didn´t occur to me that a career that is used in every aspect of our lives would be this incredibly deprived of female representatives.

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At the beginning in my generation we were five girls, but three have left by now. I remember, however, the first time the cs principal saw all our new faces, somewhere around fifty students, and said "I'm glad to see this year we have a good number of girls". I was so surprised that 10% of the group being female was considered a 'good number'. Then I was told there were generations that had two, three, even a single female student.
One of the problems, I think, is the idea we have of how a programmer should be. For instance, I have never been a big fan of videogames, and more than one classmate has asked me "If you don't like videogames, what are you even doing here?". Some male classmates who also don't play them have faced the same thing.
Personally, I don't think computer science equals videogames, but many people, both inside and outside the career, seem to think it does. To me, cs is about using technology to help us solve our daily issues in everything: communication, health, education, transportation, and so much more. I even participated in a project with several other students that was about generating ideas to create apps for the social good of our communities.

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I believe girls could be doing so much in programming, because it´s not just videogames, it´s everything and it's everywhere. Women representation in the tech industry is needed in order to expand our vision.

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