Hello everyone! This is Whispiral here with her very first article. You may know me as the girl who is serious beyond a line. It's my bio, isn't it?

Well ive come with a tip for you, how to take advantage of all WeHeartIt has to offer. That's where i come in, I'm not the best but I surly picked up a few things along the way through my few months...and this is how it goes.

1. Follow people

Obviously, don't follow people with the intention of a follow back. The amount of followers don't really matter on this platform of social media. It's just people who come to browse through pictures of scavenge for tumblr treasures.

Anyways, following people will open doors to which you can discover new posts which will open up on your home page. Following people's collections are also a throw of following - instead you follow the type of images they browsed and organized.

2. Hearting and Collecting

Well hearting is what keeps WeHeartIt going 'round. You heart things by pressing on the heart by the sharing button and when you click/tap it, it becomes a pinkish red.

When you heart something it shows up on your canvas which eventually builds up to become a big pile of images and posts. So ultimately, if you're ever going to come back to the image, I'll be quite difficult. So...WHI has the collection feature which comes in. Once you heart an image a new icon will appear called the collection icon. Pressing on it will ask you to either create an collection or add it to an existing collection.

Collection images can also lead you to followers, but yet again, gaining followers mustn't be your ultimate motive - you simply won't have the right mind set to be on this site.

^Examples of collections^

3. Posting

Ah, now you've reached the posting stage. Posting you gets you officially into the system of WHI, your post will be amongst the millions in the site. People, will eventually heart it and maybe add it to their collection.

But, if you're reposting make sure you won't run into any copyright issues and stuff. Getting sued isn't fun, I'm not speaking by experience but by what I've heard, XD.

So...either write '-repost! Like I do or write down the source in the caption.

Remember to give your image good and relevant tags!

yellow image
tag examples: yellow, bike, aesthetic, old, 90's, sidewalk...etc

4. Remember to have fun!

WHI is a site that promotes the use of images and words in a versatile community. WHI has over millions of users. We're all one of them millions. After everything you do, have fun. It's the only way to snap time.

If you've have any other questions, do not be afraid to ask!

~ Whispiral