For me WHI is about inspiring others and being inspired by others. I am fortunate enough to have traveled and lived in many places around the world and have in the process discovered many things about myself and the world.

WHI has showed me many new places that I had never thought of traveling too and I hope that my account can do the same for you.

Below are some images that have inspired me to travel to new places and hopefully some images that will inspire you.

Places WHI has inspired me to travel to...

summer, travel, and ocean image summer, fun, and palm trees image city, new york, and love image Temporarily removed
Fiji, Coachella, New York, Japan (Top left to bottom right)

Places to inspire you...

architecture, beautiful, and buildings image girl, travel, and venice image adventure, city, and shanghai image city, spain, and travel image
France, Italy, Shanghai, Spain

Below is my collection of images allowing me to put my dreams of travelling into something that can inspire everyone.



A picture is worth a thousand words although I believe that there is one word that can be seen in all of my favourite pictures on WHI and that word is Wanderlust

" Wanderlust , the desire to travel and discover oneself in different places"

My favourite travel collections on WHI