I am a huge fangirl and I always appreciate a good TV show.

Here are 10 of my favorite shows that can be found on Netflix!

  • Pretty Little Liars: This is a drama/mystery show that I spend many years watching. The show centrals around 4 girls who starts receiving anonymous text messages after their best friend, disappeared.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: This show may be older but it always make me laugh. The show is about a family who are anything but normal. Malcolm, the main character, is the middle child and has to deal with his crazy siblings and parents.
  • Riverdale: This is a new show which has already won many teen choice awards. This show centrals around the mystery of Jason Blossom. It was a normal, quiet town. Then everything changed. I definitely recommend this show to anyone who loves drama and mystery.
  • Friends: This show is such an amazing show. It is filled with drama and unique characters. This show has never failed to make me laugh
  • That 70's Show: This show is about 6 friends growing up in the 70's. The show has amazing characters and story-lines. This show was super funny to me.
  • Thirteen Reasons Why; This show is a huge Netflix hit and if you haven't watched it yet, you totally should. It is a great show with a very important message.
  • Gossip Girl: This show is all about rich New Yorkers and an anonymous blogger. The blogger calls herself Gossip Girl and knows everything.
  • Scream (The TV Show): I personally love horror movies and getting scared. I wouldn't call this show super scary but it is pretty suspenseful.
  • Baby Daddy: This show is all about family love and comedy, Ben finds out that he got a girl pregnant and now decides to raise his daughter with the help of his family and friends.
  • Once Upon A Time: This show takes fairytale characters and gives them a more realistic vibe and they do it in an amazing way.

If you haven't seen any of these shows I highly recomend that you watch them! Hope you enjoyed my suggestions!