i've become aware of the fact that time is slipping away from me. it started off slow, when i was younger, and i didn't realize it. it was natural, just a way of marking off the milestones in life in the same way i would mark my height on the door frame. things would come and go, and i wouldn't read too much into it, just move forward to the next thing.

but as time went on, it started to move faster. i started to develop a deeper understanding of growing up, not so much as just getting older, but as a way to summarize the change, the happiness, the nervousness, and the heartbreak we all experience as we move farther away from the person we are now and get closer to the one we were meant to become. it became more than just a date on the calendar with each birthday that passed; it was a realization that i only had so much more time left. whether it's as a teenager, or before college, or on earth: we all have a certain amount of time left until something.

isn't it just fascinating how fast the time can change? one minute you're waking up for the first day of high school and then the next you're about to walk onstage to receive your diploma. and someday, you'll back on the person you are now, personality and all, and see how much you've truly grown. it's like humans are plants that need exposure to grow. and as you age, not only do you physically change, but you experience more and more things and gain more and more wisdom. and the more exposure to life you have, just like plants to the sun, the quicker you will mature.

i guess that's what they mean by "growing up," huh?