Love is simply indescribable. Millions of writers have tried to talk about it. Thousands of artists tried to paint it. Singers have wanted to sing about it. Dancers wanted to express what it feels like. But the truth is this: we all love different things. We all love in different ways. No two loves are alike. Each one does it with madness and as it comes out to us. And I'm not just talking about the love of a couple. I talk about the love to a friend. To a passion. To a feeling. To a moment. To a memory. Because it would be very selfish to refer to love in one way. Because love exists in thousands of different ways and that is the good thing. It drives us crazy. It takes our sanity. It does not allow us to think clearly. And I think sometimes we need that. To do not care about anything. Have blinded eyes. To be so desperately mad about something, for someone, that we do not know what we do. And I believe that there is no version that comes closer to us than who we are at that time. Because I believe that what is done with love is fine. As it end up being as you planned it or not. Because everything that comes out of the heart, are bits our soul that we are leaving in this world. And that, that it's magic.