I'm so excited with WeHeartit's new article feature!

Hey guys! Most likely the first time you've heard from me cause I don't written much whilst posting.

But, now we all can connect to each other with a whole new way of sharing what we love - our images and posts with our love of fun.

So stay tune with what WeHeartIt has planed with this new portal as we venture into unknown territory of blogging!

excited, gif, and OMG image
In love with this idea!

Things I'll be covering through my articles:

1. My views- usually I'll be talking about my view of some specified

2. q&a's

3. Poetry- lots and lots of it (I'm a poet hehehe)

4. Rants

5. Achievements!

6. Short stories like snippets

7. Tips...and advice? I'll try that out...

8. Funny things

9. Things about me in general

Stay tune for my articles and I look forward to what WHI has planned further down this road.

I will usually be posting articles at lease once a week.