Okay, so time for my second article post. I'm currently sitting in my bedroom listening to some really good music on repeat so I got inspired to share some of my favorites.

There is nothing that I love more in this world than music. I am definitely the type of person that listens to a little bit of everything and I love getting recommendations so I thought I would share a few songs in case you're looking for some new music as well.

Days by The Drums
This song is a perfect song for a summer road trip or hanging out at the beach. I've been really into the surf rock style this summer. This one also reminds me a lot of the 70s and 80s which are eras with crazy good music.

This band is like a modern mashup of The Cure, Joy Division, and the Smiths. If you like this song, I recommend checking out some more of their music. Their song 'Me and the Moon' is another favorite.

Drinkin' Problem by Midland
Okay, so to shift gears, this song is a country song by a newer band called Midland. While it is a new song, the sound is definitely reminiscent of older country which you don't hear played much on the radio anymore. It reminds me of the more classic country artists like George Strait and it's just a breath of fresh air compared to the newer more pop country.

Image by 𝓁 𝒾 𝓋 🕊

Poolside by Baynk
Another song I've had on repeat lately is Poolside. This is a really chill song for summer and in my opinion, the end is the best part.

Make Your Mind Up, Red Hot Lights, Two High, and All Day All Night by Moon Taxi
Moon Taxi is a band that I've been loving for a few years now. They have a great sound and I've been obsessed with some of their newer music. I got to see them (along with The Weeks and Los Colognes) on tour the other day and they were all incredible. If you like their style and get the chance to see them live, I would highly recommend. Moon Taxi is one of the few bands I prefer live over studio recordings.

Southern Sun by Boy & Bear
This is an indie rock song by a band I've found recently. They make great, feel good songs and they're definitely a new favorite band of mine.

Image by 𝓁 𝒾 𝓋 🕊

Song for Zula by Phosphorescent
So I am going to leave you with a really chill song that's perfect to listen to at night when you're having an existential crisis. Sort of like I am right now. Ha. It's pretty deep and also reminds me a lot of the Smith's.

If you listened to any of these songs, I really hope you liked them. I currently have somewhere around 4000 songs on my Spotify and I'm obsessed with making playlists, although these songs were pretty random. I promise my playlists aren't this all over the place. Maybe I'll do another one of these soon.

Hope you enjoyed!