_Hey there, I'm really excited to try this new feature that WeHeartIt has to offer, and to try this out, my first draft is a oneshot that a group of friends and I wrote in a literature class, a looong time ago. It may be kind of edgy, but here goes nothing! _

'A Cut to break the Vein':
Just one more. They're just red drops. I have many of them so what am i going to lose. He sees me in pain, but he doesn't help me. He doesn't help me die; he just stares at me silently, melancholy and guilt written all over his face. I can't bear him seeing me like this; a weak soul, with a lot of blood.

The red drops, brighten my white shirt. They look so pretty... like petals in the snow. They reflect my sincere pain. Just one more.

I have so many of them. On my arms, on my legs; that's why I wear long sleeved shirts, even on summer. My arms and legs have become pale. When I expose them to the sun, they become a baby pink or a more sort of cotton candy pink... the sun burns them with magnificent glory, its rays burning my pale skin. I shiver at its warmth.

He is still watching me, writhing in agony, why isn't he doing something to take me away the knife? Just one more, one more scar on my hatred skin. One more scar, one more drop of blood, spilled on my shirt and on my carpet. Like red flowers blooming...

The red flowers disappear wheneveer I clean the carpet, I don't like people to see them, They would ask me a lot of questions that I'd never asnwer. Just one more. Why are the worried about me?, I feel fine, it's just a phase, something that will surpass. It's nothing important.

Just one more

Just one more

Just one more

I'll soon be dead...

I didn't mention this before, but this is just pure fiction, mere entertainment only, i do NOT support this kind of acts, and i worry for people that engage in them; so, if you, or someone you know tend to have this type of thoughts and actions, please seek help or lend a helping hand.

Also, let me know if you liked this fiction or not, (i can write about other stuff) with postcards ;)

See you!