Today I will recommend some of my favorites tv shows, if I see that you like it I will do another article like this.
This ✔️ means that it's available on netflix

Let's started....

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🖤Gre's Anatomy ✔️
This tv show it's about the life of five interns in the Seattle Grace Hospital, Meredith Grey, Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev, Cristina Yang and George O'Malley. We will see how they have to deal with all the medical cases, some of them will fall in love and they gonna fight for be the best doctor.
This tv show have thirteen seasons and its about to launch the fourteenth season. You will love most of the characters.
P.S You will suffer A LOT

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🖤The Walkig Dead ✔️
This is a famous tv show about the zombie apocalypse, it all started when Rick Grimes wake up in a hospital and found out that the world he knows change in a bad way.
We are gonna find out that the real monster isn't the "walkers" it's the human.
I love this show a lot and I suffer a lot too but it's so good you should watch it.

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This is a Norwegian show that became famous for all the issues it speaks openly, including homosexuality, mental illness, religion, etc.
Each season is about a different character, the special thing about this tv show are the characters with which you can feel identified.
Sadly it only have four seasons and this year finished.

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There are many more series I see but I decided to start with three because I don't want to make the article so long.

Hope you like it. xx