The tapping underfoot
The whispers of words
Uncomfortable shuffling
The clinking of metal
The unsettling subtlety
Of a pencil dragging on adapted wood
The mellowness of erasers
A churning in the walls
Like the growing pains of the building
Its pipes stretching
The occasional clack of keys
And the breath of a sigh

A soft cacophony
One almost unheard
It’s a song we all sing
The cacophony of the classroom
The sounds of a stare
The color of contentment
With a day’s work done

The snaps of fingers
The rustling of faraway leaves
And the creation of wrinkles in clothing
Nervous chuckles
Hats drop and bows droop
Chains tap on the window pane

And he stood there quietly
Smiling yet translucent
When I blinked he was gone
Although I tried to grasp him anyway
The sound of heartbreak
Only added
To the cacophony of the classroom
The classroom cacophony

Finally fell silent
All that was left
Were the small breaths
Exhaling, exiting
From my mouth

And yet I still,
Still expected to hear his stoo
His breath
Subtracted from the
Classroom Cacophony
And I added
With a sigh