Know that
Please know that
I’ll always love you

There will be those
Who were born
To tear you down
Those who were born
To fill your body
With bright colors
And swirling energies of passion

They’ll fill you heart
With a calm wave
Chaos rushes in
And as soon as it subsides
The calm settles in
And your body fills with light

They’ll fill you words
With candies and sweets
With dandelions and daisies
I do hope
They might even fill your world
With that summer day
You know the one

Wait for them
Maybe you won’t meet them
In two years..
In three years...
Stop counting!
I tell you this because I love you
Wait for them
Honey it’ll be a while
But not every day
Will be as sweet as those sugar coated words
Someone left in your heart
But they’re coming
So wait for it
For your body to float
To glow with energy
To feel the calm
The peace they bring

Let your _____ settle
I promise
It’ll be okay