Oh, beautiful and beloved articles! I think I speak for all of us when I say that this is "what we've been looking for".

We Heart It has always been, is, and will always be fantastic. For the last four almost five years - wow time goes so fast - it's been what saved me from myself. I've always loved the fact that it is completely different from other social media sites. You can post whatever you want, without caring about others opinions -of course, as long as you don't hurt anyone- and you are surely gonna find someone that likes the same things that you.

Another advantage and I would say its greatest one, is that it is not at all SELFISH. Personally, sometimes I'm so tired of people. Statuses, comments. Complimenting someone just to pretend. And that someone feeling like a god or goddess, climbing at high speeds in the social scale.
It's true that some of the things they say may be true but, let's admit it, the majority of them are just so fake.

Here, in this safe and comfortable place, we are free of that. You can heart pics of your favourite books, films, series, landscapes, decorations, makeup, phrases, motivational quotes, songs, and so on. And now, you can also share your opinions!

But you already know that right?

I believe this new feature is going to be wonderful. As everything, we must use it carefully, bear in mind that "every magic comes with a price". SO, as we've been doing since this platform exists, we should keep on making it a lovely place, harm-free, and HEARTERS friendly community.

Best wishes for everyone, have a nice day, and THANKS SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING WHO CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA.

Love, Juli


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