You are drowning. Well, sometimes that is how you feel in every aspect of you life. Take a deep breath, and remember you are not alone! You will never be alone!!

Be positive! Even if you feel like having the worst day ever. Do not let people know you are not okay.

Always have in mind that some people do not have the same chances as you, some of them are taking wrong choices, others so not have a shelter, and ever worst there are some that are dying and people does not even know about their existence.

Be thankful for what you have. Life is too short to be complaining all the time. Never forget that if you are reading this is because you made it through all those other people who could not.

Never Stop Believing in who you are, what you are capable of and where you are going in life. Miracles happen at the most unexpected time and place, just BELIEVE and you will SEE.