The first time I spoke to her directly and had an actual conversation was the day when the teacher was absent and everyone in the classroom was busy doing their own thing. I was there alone sitting in my shair because none of my few friends took that class with me. She sat in front of me. Suddenly, she turned around and started talking to me... I was surprised. She seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me and her amazing social skills had me, a socially awkward loner, talking to her like I've known her for years.

I'd like to say that as time went on and we grew to know each other more I spilled my secrets but it was at that first exchange that I told her about my crush. It seemed that something clicked that day and I don't know why but she still kept talking to me afterwards. Our friendship grew so quickly that we turned from strangers to silly teen girls who messaged each other everyday. The intense crush that I had had before quickly evaporated in thin air! But the new best friend that I gained out of thin air wasn't going anywhere... And of that, I was glad.

I guess some people weren't meant to be in your life as much as you think that they were supposed to, and then some... some pop up when you least expect it. Sometimes... It just clicks and you wonder how your life had functioned without them before :).